Women & the Journey to

Feminine Path to Wholeness

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Are you a woman in transition?

Do you:

  • feel that you don’t know who you are anymore?
  • that you’ve lost touch with your authentic self?
  • feel empty even though you seem to have the perfect life?
  • wonder about the meaning and purpose of your life?
  • have a desire to feel whole and live your soul’s unique gifts?


This work is for women who are committed to living an inspired and creative life that flows from their deepest selves!


What you can expect from the work…

Learn to:

  • connect to the wisdom of your body/soul
  • find your voice, speak your truth, and stand in your power
  • fall in love with you and recognize your intrinsic beauty
  • awaken your creativity and express your unique Self
  • respect your body and nurture it with love
  • restore the balance of the feminine and find a mature masculine within


I believe the greatest gift
women can offer the world,
to their families, and  to themselves is
to be who they are, and to do what they love.

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