“What’s wrong with the world,” Nana explained, “is that people stopped listening to their hearts…

“Not everybody stopped listening,” she continued, “but enough people did to make a difference. We’ve got so much in this life that all we know how to do is want more. So we concentrate on the wrong things–things we can see–as being the measure of a person. We think if we can win something big or buy something snazzy it’ll make us more than we are. Our hearts know that’s not true, but the eyes are powerful. It’s easier to fix on what we can see than listen to the still, small voice of a whispering heart.”

Nana turned her eyes on me like a vet looking for fleas: “A heart will say amazing things if it’s given half a chance.”

~Joan Bauer, Squashed

iStock_000010996529LargeI remember when my first husband died over twenty years ago I was given the chance to start life anew. I wasn’t clear on what my dreams were anymore because my life had just been turned upside down. But I was clear of one thing: I wanted to live a life that had heart and meaning; I wanted to be able to follow my heart and to live the dream that life had for me.

It took several years of shedding old skins before I could even consider a dream. First I had to grieve my old life, then I had to find out who I was now that I was no longer a wife, mother, or employee (since all of these roles changed within a period of 18 months.) Then I had to be willing to wait and listen so that I could hear the deeper longings of my soul. I would say during that time I had a spiritual transformation and I went from the traditional trappings of the ego of wanting a nice house and a fancy car to wanting to live a life in alignment to the God/Goddess within.

For a couple of years, I waited, listened, and agonized as I waited to be shown. Eventually I emerged from that time knowing that I was here to help others to overcome their limitations and to give support to others moving through spiritual transformation. Thus began the life I am living now which continues to open and expand in ways I could have never imagined as I continue to follow the urgings of my heart.

Sometimes I can still fall off the beam especially when I let my life become too busy. That’s why I make the time for the daily prayer and meditation that it is a part of my 12-step program even when it means getting up at 5:30 or 6:00 every morning. It slows me down enough so I can hear the amazing things my heart has to say. What might you heart have to say? Success and abundance doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have the best everything. I think it’s more related to: “Did you follow and live what is inside you?”

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