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Women & the Journey to Wholeness


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Are you longing to come home to your true self and to create a life that has heart and meaning?

Sometimes it helps to start with a little education and understanding.  Throughout the year I will be offering e-courses to help women understand the psychological and spiritual aspects of the feminine journey to wholeness.  Each e-course is designed to help you to discover your true essence, to find your voice, to awaken your creativity, and to hear the soul’s story of what wants to be lived through you.

The advantages of E-courses are that they can be attended live on the phone in actual time and shared in community with a group of like-minded women in closed groups on Facebook, done at your own pace by listening to the recordings at a later date, and listened to over and over again as you travel the journey to wholeness.

E-courses are a great investment for those wanting to learn the most in a short amount of time and for the least amount of dollars.

One-On-One Coaching

Fantasy doorwayAre you feeling lost like you don’t know who you are anymore or feel like you have outgrown your old life, but don’t know how to move forward?

Then one-on-one coaching may be the right fit for you.  One-on-one coaching will provide you with the safety and individualized attention for you to explore your truth,  grieve past traumas, and let go of old attitudes or limiting beliefs necessary to move forward in your life with more freedom, joy, and aliveness. 

Various coaching packages are available to fit your immediate needs.  Perhaps a few sessions of laser coaching may be all you need to get you going again, other times a slower, more consistent year-long coaching program may be just the ticket to get you to where you want to go.

One-on-one coaching can be done in person, by Skype, or on the phone.   If you need an experienced guide to help you through the rough patches of your life, I encourage you to call for a free one half hour consultation to see if we are a fit for each other and what program would be best suited for you.

Group Coaching

On-going group coaching is offered as a support option with each e-course.  Group coaching helps to facilitate and accelerate the growth that is started in each class and is helpful in integrating and embodying the changes that are happening in you as a result of the work.

Working in a group offers the benefit of keeping the costs down and of being in a community with like-minded individuals and of the collective experience and wisdom they each bring to the work.

Six-month and year-long group coaching programs will be available throughout the year.  Please call for a free one half hour session to see if group coaching is right for you and for dates of next group.

Retreats and Other Class Offerings

Women’s retreats and other classes designed to playfully help you to explore your inner world and creativity are offered several times throughout the year.

The best way to learn about time and dates of these of offerings is to get on my email list by signing up for my free bi-monthly newsletters at


Personalized Retreats

DSCN1796-600Occasionally I will get someone who wants a week-long customized experience designed to connect them to the wisdom of their body/souls.  These programs are tailor- made to the individual and do require advanced planning.

A customized program is right for you if you are in need some renewal time to connect to your own inner wellsprings.  Personalized retreats offer you the solace and the wisdom of an experienced guide to help you to find answers to whatever life questions may be pressing in on you by connecting you to your own inner truth.

Personalized retreats are perfect for those going through deep transitions or for those in the corporate world in need of spiritual renewal and guidance.