Overcomers, Inc: True stories of hope, courage, and inspiration, offers compelling stories from 38 diverse authors. These heart-warming and encouraging stories showcase the strength of the human spirit. Overcomers, Inc. shows you how to triumph over adversity. Is it possible to find happiness after tragedy to find inner peace when your life is in turmoil? Yes!

In this powerful collection of 38 true-life stories from very diverse authors, you ll discover…

  • Tools to turn your biggest failure into your greatest success
  • Ways to awaken your life s purpose and thrive, no matter what happened in your past
  • How to find strength and courage even during your most challenging experiences

By reading these awe-inspiring and touching stories, your life will take on a whole new meaning and purpose. You will become an Overcomer too! 

Published Articles


Longing for Wholeness

A story of how adversity called me to Wholeness and to the Feminine Path of Awakening
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Inner Beauty

A short article on finding beauty within
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article 001An article on becoming the
hero/heroines of our  lives.
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