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Explore Your Inner Self and
Nourish Your Soul Through SoulCollage®

Create your own personal deck of soul-tending cards using imagination, intuition, and creativity. Discover your soul’s unique story and life purpose. A SoulCollage® deck is the story of you. It is a tangible way to know yourself in both your diversity and depth.

Open your intuition and imagination
and tap into the deep wisdom of your Soul

In Active Imagination, I am not so much “talking to myself” as talking to one of my selves. It is in that exchange between the ego and the various characters who rise up from the unconscious and appear in my imagination that I begin to bind the fragmented pieces of myself into a unity.
~ Robert Johnson, Inner Work

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SoulCollage® can be used for:

  • People in Transition
  • Special Needs Children
  • Seniors
  • Gang Related Teens
  • Cancer Patients
  • Children
  • Tracking Spiritual Journeys
  • Grief Support
  • Trauma Abuse Survivors
  • Vision boards

SoulCollage was created by Seena B. Frost
and is detailed in her award winning book
SoulCollage® An Intuitive Collage Process for Individuals and Groups.  

To learn more go to www.SoulCollage.com

It’s fun, easy, and creative!

The Process is simple. All you do is find images from magazines and put them together on a card. Then you use Active Imagination to discover the gifts each card has for you.

SoulCollage® is a unique way to celebrate special occasions like graduation, birthdays, bridal, and baby showers. Call Colleen @ (208)597-5728 to arrange a special party for your next celebration.

Colleen Russell is a Certified SoulCollage® Facilitator


Colleen has been in the depth psychology field for many years and is no newcomer to the workings of the psyche. She readily understands the world of archetypes, shadow, animal helpers, and the many creative gifts that are available through the SoulCollage® process.

She has been using collage and other forms of creative expression to help clients discover their authentic selves since 1994. She loves watching the beauty emerge as people take their deep inner processes and express them through art. SoulCollage® is a natural complement to her many other skills, which include working with dreams, storytelling, self-esteem, grief, authentic movement, and intuitive painting. She is a 2010 graduate of the Body/Soul Rhythm Leadership training with Jungian Analyst Marion Woodman.

Mixed medium photo based illustration of hands in meditation with tree.
Call today at (208) 597-5728 for a
to see if this work is right for you
and let the journey begin to a whole new you.